Our Team

Seven local businesswomen launched New Expectations for Women In Mississippi (NEWMS) in 2004 to encourage local women to raise their expectations and reach their potential. NEWMS sponsors workshops, classes, networking events, and resources to address the challenges women face in Mississippi.

NEWMS’s Fairy Godmother program grants funds to improve women’s economic circumstances. Through this program, women help women gain new skills to advance their job opportunities and provide resources to keep a woman employed.

We owe a debt of gratitude to Shawn Evans, Rubye Del Harden, Terri Williams, Sandi Morris, Juanita Floyd, Mary Pace, and Mary Werner who spent countless hours dreaming of what NEWMS could accomplish. Our current board is comprised of local business, and community women who are connected and dedicated to the NEWMS mission.

NEWMS Board of Directors

Gina Black

Gina Black


Demetra Sherer

Demetra Sherer

Vice Chairman

Charlise Latour

Charlise Latour

Past Chairman

Cheryl Henning

Cheryl Henning


Amanda Angle

Amanda Angle


Carla Enis

Haley Gilley

Erica Golden

Charlotte Pratt

Kathryn Ragsdale

TZ Waters

Our Members

We’re thankful for all our supporters. Please show our members your support by clicking on their logo or business name to visit their website.

With COVID, we have had some delays in sending out and getting back our memberships. If you do not see your name, please contact us. If you think there is an error, please contact us as well. 

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Updated 8.26.2021


Garrison, Christy

Absolute Cleaning & Restoration, LLC

Shields, Stefanie Oliver

SOS Benefit Consultants / Aflac

Angle, Amanda

Watkins Uiberall, PLLC

Ashley Elkins

Vitality South

Updated 08.26.2021


Adam, Sharilyn

Adam, Betsy

Mask, Jacqueline

Black, Gina

Hardenburg, Dawn

Hale, Linda

Henning, Cheryl

Kennedy, Ellen

Ivancic, Kris

Moss, Tasha

Luse, Dr. Kristy

Peddicord, Kathleen

McMullan, Inita

Trawick, Janice

Keith, Lynn

Swindle, Martha

Thompson, Stephen

Thomas, Donna

Prowell, J.A.

Floyd, Juanita

Waters, TZ

Rodgers, Tammy

Enis, Carla

Trapp, Kay

Eastman, Jan